October 30, 2017

Aerospace Engineer Salary Job Career Scope in New Delhi, Noida UP 2019

Aerospace Engineer 2018 - 2019 India

Keeping aircraft in good working condition is vital for safe and efficient air transport. Airline pilots, crew and passengers put their lives in the hands of the flying aircraft and it is up to the plane’s mechanic to make sure that the planes are ready to fly. Becoming an aircraft mechanic usually requires the completion of a technical program at a centre approved by the Federal Aviation Administration from 18 to 24 months.

Aerospace Engineering Career and Scope

Aerospace engineer ing is one field of engineering that assure a rewarding career. This work is engage in coming up with arrow, aircraft and spacecraft’s design. Manufacturing and attractive the spacecraft and aircraft is also part of its job description. Mastery and application of mathematics and physics is essential in this field of engineering.

What are the Work Designations Offered?

Aerospace Engineer are and Technician generally appointed as Consultants, Thermal Design Engineers, Mechanical Design Engineers, Aerospace Technologist, and Aircraft Production Manager, helper Technical Officers, Aerospace Design Checker and Graduate Engineer Trainees.

An “Aerospace Engineer” can work in private or public companies. The Aeronautical degree holders are acquired by a lot of big firms both in India and abroad.

Aerospace Engineer Salary
Aerospace Engineer Career Scope and Job opportunity

What are the Job Opportunities?

As an Aerospace Engineer it is utmost vital to make a decision of your interest – whether you would be interested in Aeronautical Engineering or Astronautical Engineering. Both the branches have brilliant job opportunities.

Job opportunities for these engineers are accessible in Airlines, Air Force, Corporate investigate Companies, Defence Ministry, Helicopter Companies, Aviation Companies, NASA and a lot of others.

Increasing status of air travel and space exploration necessitate expertise to design and maintain step up. Looking at heightening growth rate, the demand for smart and create “Aerospace Engineer is only going to add to in the near future.

What is the Job Description?

The work profile or duties of an Aerospace Engineer naturally involves investigate, design, construction and maintenance of aircrafts and spacecrafts. An Aerospace Engineer is accepted to undertake following duties:

  • investigate ways to make fuel efficient parts and engines
  • Carrying out ground level flight testing
  • Collecting and analyzing test data
  • Estimating project costs and timescales. 

What is Aerospace Engineer Salary Range?

The average salary of an Aerospace Engineer is INR 35, 000 to INR 45,000 per month. The starting maximum income on hand to an Aerospace Engineer who is graduated from IITs is 15 lakhs per annum.

Job Profile

  • You will like to be familiar with job profile of an aircraft engineer as well as an aircraft maintenance engineer (AME).
  • Upon completion of 4 years degree course you are ordinary to design and test aircrafts and related equipments.
  • Aircraft maintenance engineer will be working as a designer or an engineer for a new aircraft.
  • While aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) is a low profile compared to an aircraft engineer.
  • Here you will be responsible for the air worthiness of an aircraft in accordance with local as well as global aviation standards.
  • Basically you have to get your hands dirty if there is a need.

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