November 5, 2017

School for Aircraft Maintenance Avionics Mechanical Engineering Course 2018

Aircraft Maintenance Schools (Avionics / Mechanical Engineering Course Details) 2018 - 2019

JEE AME Delhi and Noida Colleges, as an approved by government, is authorized to teach and certify courses of Avionics and Mechanical engineering and Stream.
The aircraft avionics course allows the holder to issue certificates of aircraft commissioning, once maintenance work has been carried out; in the structure of the aircraft, power plant and Mechanical engineering and electrical systems, within the limits of the authorization, in a maintenance organization approved.

We offer following Aircraft Maintenance Courses 2019

  1. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Training (Avionics and Mechanical engineering)
  2. B.Sc. Aeronautics Mechanical engineering and B.Sc. Aeronautics Avionics (Affiliated to University of Mumbai)
  3. Approved Aircraft Maintenance

About Mechanical engineering and Avionics Stream

During light and Heavy aircraft avionics Stream which you will have the opportunity to access technical knowledge imparted by a staff of professionals of the highest qualification in the field of air maintenance

During the course you can use all the knowledge acquired through maintenance practices in our facilities, in addition, you will have the opportunity to perform maintenance practices in leading companies in the sector, you will work with 100% operational aeronautical material and demonstrate your professional skills in a highly competitive environment.

The basic knowledge in categories B1 is indicated by levels of knowledge (1, 2 or 3) with respect to each relevant subject. The level of knowledge indicators are defined in three levels as follows:

– LEVEL 1: Familiarization with the main elements of the subject.

– LEVEL 2: General knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject and ability to apply this knowledge.

– LEVEL 3: Detailed knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject and ability to combine and apply independent elements of knowledge in a logical and comprehensive manner.

JEE AME Mechanical Engineering & Avionics Engineering 2018 - 2019

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering / Avionics Engineering Course Details

We remind that the next registration to the course is scheduled for December 2018. Those who have completed secondary school, both those residing in our country and foreigners, can take courses for aiame/aieee, and apply in, for ame and take admission at JEE AME.

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