October 30, 2017

JEE AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) in Delhi 2018

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is top course in the aviation field. admission open Jan to Jun 2018

JEE for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Joint Entrance Examination (JEE AME) is the National Level Joint Entrance Exam for admission in AME in India 2019. Student will get admission in Govt. approved AME colleges in India. AME is one of the top ranking Aircraft Maintenance Engineering school / college / Institutions in India approved by Government of India. We have formed excellent technical infrastructure for the Aviation and AME training. AME college have own live aircrafts, labs, workshops, library and smart classes for classroom teaching. We have developed many years of excellence in aviation education and offered human resource solutions to general aviation & airlines industry.
We invite you to our superb institute for your brilliant career in aviation as Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Studies in the field of Aeronautical with JEE AME

Studies in the field of Aeronautical with JEE-AME are a new direction, as a separate direction began to operate in India. Student who apply for this direction must demonstrate not only a strict mind. The ideal candidate must also have passion because Aviation and Cosmonauts is a domain of knowledge reserved for people who are ready to work really hard for the field. This work brings measurable benefits in the form of an inspirational profession. Selecting a specific industry in which the graduate will be based depends on the choice of specialty.

AME Mission and Vision

Train students to plan, control, supervise and perform aeronautical maintenance tasks, taking into account as the main but not the only field of activities, national and international airlines, air taxis, aero clubs, agricultural aviation, private aviation, executive aviation and international organizations.
Note: admission in Aeronautical at JEEAME for batch 2018 and 2019 get started.

Maintenance Engineering
Schools for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

During studies in (AME)

Aeronautical students of AME School broaden their knowledge of mathematics, physics and mechanics, but also have the opportunity to learn about new issues related to the construction and operation of flying machines, deck equipment, aircraft engine construction and operation, and engineering graphics. The specialties offered at most universities include:

  • Avionics (i.e. use of automatic and electronic devices in aviation);
  • piloting,
  • Ground management,
  • Automation,
  • Planes and helicopters and more.

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