November 8, 2017

JEE AME Syllabus for Paper 1, 2, 3, Category A, B, C, D, R, and X

DGCA Syllabus for Joint Entrance Exam (AME) 2018

AME University conducts engineering entrance exam for admission to its Mechanical and Avionics  programs with specializations in aircraft aeronautical, technician, mechanical aviation.  There are around 120 engineering seats for every ame college, school and university which around two lakhs students register and six thousand students appear every year. So can download syllabus for aircraft maintenance engineering (ame) examination 2018.

Paper 01 Syllabus

Aircraft Rules and Regulations

Paper 02 Syllabus

Aircraft General Engineering And Maintenance Practices

Paper 03 Syllabus

Airframe (AUW below 5700 kg.)

Airframe (AUW 5700 kg. and above)

Airframe (Helicopters)

Airframe (AUW below 5700 kg. including rotorcraft)

Piston engines and propellers (Unsupercharged and Supercharged)

Turbine engines and variable pitch propellers

Piston Engines

Electrical Systems

Aircraft Instruments

Comm. Systems – Radio Basics (Maintenance)

Installation and Compensation of Direct Reading Compass

Installation and Compensation of Remote Reading Compass

Electrical equipment fitted on Aircraft having AUW below 5700 Kg.

Instruments fitted on Aircraft having AUW below 5700 Kgs.

Variable Pitch Propellers

Autopilot fitted on Aircraft having AUW below 5700 Kgs.

Radio Equipment fitted on Aircraft having AUW below 5700 Kgs.

Above Updated AME Paper Syllabus

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