February 14, 2018

B Tech Mechanical Engineering Course Career Scope Eligibility Criteria in India 2019


Mechanical Engineering

Definition and Degree in Mechanical engineering

The mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering that applies specifically, the principles of thermodynamics , the mechanical , the fluid mechanics and structural analysis , for the design and analysis of various currently used elements such as machinery with various purposes (thermal, hydraulic, transport, manufacturing), as well as ventilation systems , motorized land vehicles, air and sea, among other applications.
The main general areas developed by mechanical engineering include the development of projects in the fields of “mechanical engineering” that aim at the construction, reform, repair, conservation, demolition, manufacture, installation, assembly or operation of: structures, mechanical equipment, energy facilities, facilities and industrial plants.

Admission Eligibility Criteria with Syllabus

This course Duration 4 years. The applicant minimum pass in 10+2, A Level, IB, American XIIth grade or equivalent with Phys, Maths and Eng. as compulsory subjects along with Chemistry or Biotechnology or any technical vocational subjects as optional with a min of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Mathematics and any 1 of the optional subjects. Syllabus of test Phy, Chem, Maths and General English include questions based on the X+2 syllabus followed by major X+II Boards /Universities. The detailed syllabi can be downloaded from our website.

Applicable to B Tech / B Pharm / PharmD courses. Test time duration is 2.30 hours, Number of questions 200 (MCQ level). The approximate distribution of questions is as follows:
In Physics Paper 50 question, Chemistry 50 question, Mathematics 70 question, and last English plus General Aptitude 30 question.

B Tech Mechanical Engineering Courses in India 2019

This is a very broad field that involves the use of the principles of physics for the analysis, design, and manufacture of rural systems. Traditionally, it has been the branch of engineering that, through the application of physical principles, has allowed the creation of useful devices, such as utensils and machines. “Mechanical engineering” makes use of principles such as energy to analyze static and contributing to design objects. Mechanical engineering is the branch that studies and develops machines, equipment and facilities, always considering the ecological and economic aspects for the benefit of society.

B Tech Mechanical Engineering
B Tech Mechanical Engineering

Diploma in Mechanical Engg.

The Diploma in mechanical engineering is oriented to engineers who are related to the productive field. The objective of B Tech mechanical engineering is to train and specialize the participants in the application of mechanical engineering principles for the identification and diagnosis of maintenance problems as well as their solutions. It is aimed at engineers of all specialties related to the management of physical assets and the productive field. The idea is to provide participants with general knowledge of the most modern maintenance tools to be able to define strategies, actions and services in this area.

Career Scope in Mechanical Field

The Mechanical Engineer completed their degree from good School, Colleges, Institute can develop his tasks both in private companies, whatever their scope, as in public organizations of various kinds. In general, it can elaborate technical-economic projects referred to the organization of an industrial plant and an administrative system.
The ‘mechanical engineering’ person, in spite of not doing it frequently, can also perform as an independent professional, either advising or providing diverse services to small and medium-sized companies, in aspects related to their incumbency. To fulfil its task, mechanical engineer analyzes the needs, formulates  and solves technical problems through a multidisciplinary work and is supported by scientific developments, translating them into elements, machines, equipment and facilities that provide an adequate service, through rational use and efficient of the available resources

mechanical engineering
B Tech Mechanical Engineering 2019

Jobs opportunity scope & approximate salary

The average salary for a mechanical engineer educates who had completed their UG (under graduate) PG (Post graduate) is approximate Rs 337,899 per year in India. Most people who had done their mechanical engineering with this job move on to other job positions after a few years experience in this career. Ability that is connected with high salary for this job is C++, ANSYS, Engineering Design, ANSYS reproduction Software, and Project Management. Knowledge strongly controls profits for this job.

Interview Questions

Keep in mind that the questions vary, depending on the specific field for which you are interviewing, the company for which you are interviewing, and other factors in case of mechanical engineering job. Most of the questions they will ask you will be technical, how to solve a problem using a specific technique and also to discover the logic that you apply. Therefore, prepare yourself not only to answer questions, but to demonstrate your technical skills.

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